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Website Updates

October 2014 - Always on HTTPS on the main Skimap.org website.

October 30th 2012 - OpenSkiMap tile server added! This means you will now see ski runs rendered when using all Google Maps on Skimap.org. Thanks to Piste-Nordiques.org for providing up to date OpenStreetMap skiing extracts.

February 2012 - Streamlined registration process!

December 2011 - Faster server! Traffic continues to double year over year.

April 22nd 2011 - Bug fixes to the user system (finally, password changing works again)

April 5th 2011 - New Ski Area page design was introduced in March. Improved forms sitewide. New search form based on HTML5.

February 27th 2011 - Now you can edit the OpenStreetMap/OpenSkiMap, in an interface customized for editing ski areas. Just go to the ski area you want to edit, then click "edit the openskimap!". You will have to make an OpenStreetMap account to save your edits. Once you are done editing, press Save and follow the steps. Then you can click "request a new openskimap" on the ski area page to see your edits rendered to KML (more formats coming soon!). On an unrelated note, I fixed some bugs with the official website url for ski areas. Also the map editor software is called Potlatch 2, and this release of the OpenSkiMap editor is v0.1 (updates to the rendering and sidebars will be released over time)

February 21st 2011 - KML Renderer v0.5 has been released! It now shows run names in Google Earth without having to click on them, zoom dependent line width, gladed/night lit runs (shown with green/yellow outlines)!

February 15th 2011 - You can now rate Ski Maps and Open Ski Maps for quality/how much you like them!

February 13th 2011 - OpenSkiMaps KML renderer version 0.4 now available - maps already rendered will be updated soon! KML Renderer version 0.4 adds: Click on a run or lift to see more information about it, generic ski runs, ski routes, and bug fixes. Next update will add night lighting and more. Site-wide Performance Optimization. API update providing access to OpenSkiMap data (docs update soon)

February 9th 2011 - I commited many patches to the OpenSkiMap generator today. Unfortunately, there was a bug that was causing some downloaded OpenSkiMaps to be overwrited with an OpenSkiMap for a different ski area. Anyways this should be resolved now. Additionally, downloads should be more reliable, since I added XAPI in case the main OSM API is down. No more rendering improvements at this time, but I will be working on them soon. For now, enjoy OpenSkiMaps in KML!

February 8th 2011 - OpenSkiMaps patches. Unfortunately the OpenStreetMap API is very load sensitive and so map generation may not always be available.

February 7th 2011 - Introducing... OpenSkiMaps! These are maps created from open data provided by the OpenStreetMap project. Like Wikipedia, these maps are a co-operative effort - you can help make your ski area a better OpenSkiMap! OpenSkiMaps can be found at the bottom of every ski area page. Currently maps are available in OSM XML and Google Earth (kml) formats, more coming soon. I am also working on improving the KML styling (showing t-bars and much more). You can generate an OpenSkiMap for your ski area, if the map data is available on OpenStreetMap. A great sample of what is possible is Cypress Mountain.

February 5th 2011 - Basic developer API docs now online. More coming soon!

January 15th 2011 - Thanks for your support of skimap.org! Our visitor count in Google Analytics continue to double year over year:
Traffic Graph

January 13th 2011 - Finally a public release of ski area and ski map editing pages! Sorry for the delay.

January 2011 - Public read-only XML API (beta!) is now online. We are still working on the protocol specifications, so please submit suggestions to contact@skimap.org! You can view API output by browsing to a region or ski area page, and appending ".xml" to the URL, which will give you the machine readable version of the page.

December 2010 - Upgraded server to a VPS - email contact@skimap.org if you encounter problems ~ we are getting over 400 unique visitors a day, thanks for your support! Also UI improvements on ski area pages. More coming soon.

October 2010 - Map preview rendering improvements! New maps RSS feed returns! is back. Bug fixes.

May 4th 2010 - Major update: Added powerful Ski Map Filter page, Statistics page, improved New Maps page.

March 12th 2010 - OpenPisteMap now showing on some covered ski areas, more to come soon.

February 2010 - New Google Maps Ski Area finder on front page, no ads for some of the month of March since we have covered our web hosting costs!

January 18th 2010 - Thanks for your support of skimap.org! We have seen a huge surge in visitors in recent days.
This graph shows the number of unique visitors the site recieves every day. It starts on August 1st 2008 when the site launched. Our graph of hits is even bigger!

December 23rd 2009 - Ski Areas can now cleanly span across regions. Email us and we will do this to any ski areas where this is the case!

December 20-21st 2009 - Too many new improvements to count! Report bugs as always

December 19th 2009 - Bug fixes.

December 18th 2009 - You can easily add ski areas to Skimap.org now! Email me at contact@skimap.org if you encounter problems.

December 17th 2009 - Big new feature! We now support KML/KMZ map files! You can add them in the same manner as regular ski maps. KML/KMZ files can be viewed in Google Earth. We plan to add more viewing options soon. Many thanks to GPSVisualizer.com for rendering support. Certain KML files that are not renderable are given a icon thumbnail. Enhanced front page loading performance.

December 10th 2009 - More information next to maps

November 14th 2009 - Redesigned header area on all pages.

October 26th 2009 - Stats are now hidden on Ski Area pages by default. You can see stats by clicking the Stats button on a ski area page.

October 24th 2009 - The New Maps page is hugely improved. Other efficiency updates. Internet Explorer specific fixes.

October 23rd 2009 - Sweet Google Translate integration for French, German and Italian! If you would like another language please send us an email: contact@skimap.org
If you have any problems, just wait a while! Google caches translations which is causing some problems from when I was testing.

October 22nd 2009 - Tweaks to region pages, front page cleaned up.

September 26th 2009 - See all the geotagged ski areas in google earth!.

September 24th 2009 - Now you can download the entire skimap.org map collection for your offline perusal in one massive zip file. Note that the maps in the download zip will only be updated about once a month.